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This is a very specific Group for the Collection of Images and Artworks that fall within one of the 4 Form Constant groups please read below for details*

It also incorporates an Optical/Kinetic/ Op Art Collection since there doesn't seem to be many other dedicated collections of Op Art, and many of the images fall into the Form Constant Groups anyway :meow:

In 1926, Heinrich Klüver systematically studied the effects of mescaline (peyote) on the subjective experiences of its users.

In addition to producing hallucinations characterized by bright,"highly saturated" colors and vivid imagery, Klüver noticed that
mescaline produced recurring geometric patterns in different users.

He called these patterns 'form constants' and categorized four types:
cobwebs, tunnels, spirals and lattices (including honeycombs,
checkerboards, and triangles)

Form constants have appeared in other naturally occurring hallucinations such as near death experiences, Stress and Migraines to name a few, so you don't need to take peyote to join!

Fractal, Visionary, Imaginary,Psychonautic and Psychedelic Art, Tessellations, Marbling, Moire Patterns and Optical Illusions are all most welcome, Remember they MUST clearly fall into one of the 4 groups:


For more…

It is important to mention that the group is not about 'drugs', religions, beliefs or otherwise. We are not here to speculate only to accumulate and document

I think we can simply all agree nature is interesting and 'seeing' these reoccurring infinite forms, both in nature and in our minds eye, is a part of nature and worth documenting.

However you feel about any issues, whoever you are and whichever medium you use, if you would like to Exhibit any of your work that falls into these 4 groups, I would be more than happy to show them here and grateful for any input

Traditionally the worlds of Science and Art have been quite separate here they collide and get on very well :meow:

** Remember your Artwork must fit one of these groups:

Cobwebs, Tunnels, Spirals OR Lattices -

if your image contains a combination of these please add to the Combination folder, and if you have any Optical Art that moves or shifts please add to Optical/Kinetic

Many Thanks








Newest Members


Interesting links

Groovy Fractals well explained…

The Secret Life of Chaos (6 parts)…

look out for Spontaneous Pattern Formations(part 3)
Feedback Loops (part 4)
Fractals and self similarities (part 5-6)

Though probably a good idea to watch it from the start :)


Sound Patterns~Cymatics…


Cymatics with Iron filings....…




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Taller5813 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 26, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thanks for letme share
rattyredemption Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
hi, would any of my psy animations or still images be suitable for your group?

if so i'll gladly join.
chewupablotter Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2012
Thanks everyone for the amazing new work, welcome to some new members coming, and sorry some have left which is always sad, but I know it's not the most active or fun group to join!

Maybe I should start running competitions or something- any ideas anyone?

CircularSpecies Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011
I discovered a movement in my hand that lets me make art a lot like this, except by hand. It came from studying Mc Escher and Hokusai, among others. Could you tell me what you think? [link] Thanks!
Scott-e Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
thanx 4 the submission.. really appreciated :)
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